[linux-audio-user] jamin: lookahead_limiter_const_1906.so ?

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Fri Apr 30 17:00:29 EDT 2004


	I'm pretty sure the "release time" is the amount of time to look
ahead.  To avoid getting the lovely squashed sound make sure you are
getting no "overs" (red) on the main input meter.  Also, try not to push
the limiter input signal into the red too much.  I like to let it hot
red occasionally but not stay there.  In addition, the multiband
compressors can do the same thing to the signal as the limiter.  Of
course, it comes down to what you want personally.  It's easy to over
compress/limit and destroy the dynamics of the song.  It's a fine line
between over compressed and under volumed.


On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 16:20, derek holzer wrote:
> Jan,
> Jan Depner wrote:
> > It's a brick-wall, lookahead limiter.  Crank the input volume and watch
> > the output meter.  The farther you look ahead the gentler the slope to
> > the absolute limit but it's still a brick wall.
> Maybe that's what I am missing in Jamin, then, is the lookahead setting. 
> I only see release time, and the "default" limiter gives some pretty 
> hammered peaks.
> d.
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