[linux-audio-user] dipping toes in 2.6 waters

Florin Andrei florin at andrei.myip.org
Mon Aug 2 17:40:37 EDT 2004

I've not been able to follow LKML too closely in the last few weeks, so
i'm out of loop with the recent developments. If some of you folks did
watch it, do you care to bring the rest of us up to speed WRT the latest
2.6 developments that are related to "audio" kernels? The issues i'm
interested in are:

1. "Classic" pre-emptability. Why Con Kolivas recommends against
enabling preempt in vanilla 2.6, and (if it was a valid recommendation)
whether that is still an issue

2. The Ingo Molnar voluntary preempt patches. Are they ready yet,
yes/no? With or without -mm?

3. Staircase scheduler, either as a standalone thing or incorporated in
the latest -mm patch. Better than vanilla for audio, yes/no?

4. Combinations of the above. Is the classic preemt compatible with the
rest? Anyone using the "vanilla preempt + Ingo Molnar patches + Andrew
Morton series + staircase" supercombo?

Florin Andrei


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