[linux-audio-user] Best distro for Audio??

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Fri Aug 6 12:27:18 EDT 2004

Chris Pickett wrote:
> No, I'm using 2.6.7-gentoo-r5.  Maybe I'll try the CCRMA kernel at some 
> point, or better yet, switch to one of the available audio 
> distributions.  Who knows ... I'm tired of installation and upgrades and 
> configuration woes at this point, even if quasi-automated.

Well, I'm back to 2.6.6 on my laptop, but that's because the Alsa folks 
break drivers, don't test them, and then release them on the unassuming 
world. Not a kind thing to do. ;-) I'm waiting for new, supposedly fixed 
Alsa driver to make it into the development kernels so that I can move 

I think that Gentoo is a lot of work when you decide to be very up to 
date. I'm not speaking of ~x86 stuff. I'm meaning just keeping up with 
updates, etc., is far too much time compiling. I have 4 Gentoo boxes 
going these days. I'm pretty tired of it. (See this weeks 'automated 
updates' thread on why it will likely never get better...)

You'd be smart to get a Gentoo box working and then just leave it alone 
and write music. I get so sucked into all this this technology that it 
takes too much time away from what you and I would rather be doing.

I've rebelled against using Suse for an audio distro due to a bad 
encounter I had with them early on in my learning about Linux, but I do 
think they make a good product. There's not many reason's to use Suse 
without using Yast, or that's what I hear.

take care,

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