[linux-audio-user] M-Audio Delta 1010LT .asoundrc?

jmacdermott at ns2.i-mecca.net jmacdermott at ns2.i-mecca.net
Sun Aug 8 08:06:43 EDT 2004

Thanks, Jan.  I will give that a try.

I just noticed that Mandrake 10 (another partition on the same machine) shows
all of the channels, so it automatically must have configured itself (neat!). 
I will try the same with Slackware, which is the one I am using for audio

Thanks for your help!

> From: Jan Depner <eviltwin69 at cableone.net>
> Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] M-Audio Delta 1010LT .asoundrc?
> To: A list for linux audio users <linux-audio-user at music.columbia.edu>
> Message-ID: <1091914828.25367.3.camel at eviltwin>
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> The basic .asoundrc will work fine.  I have a DSP2000 which has the same
> chip and same number of I/Os.  What you really want is envy24control
> from the ALSA tools.  This will allow you to see all of your I/Os and
> define what you want to monitor/record.  It also allows you to hardware
> monitor in real-time with zero latency.  BTW, I just stole the .asoundrc
> from the Hoontech page on ALSA.  In qjackctl, Ardour, JAMin, or other
> JACK enabled applications you can assign any input to whatever you
> want.  They should all be seen.
> Jan

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