[linux-audio-user] what window manager are you using?

Brett W. McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Wed Aug 11 10:18:44 EDT 2004

Mark Knecht wrote:

> fluxbox for me. (0.9.9 Erik - I have some problems too, but only since 
> moving to xorg-x11...)

I tried fluxbox out for the first time last night and I think I am sold 
on it.  It's so flipping fast (and I had been using Blackbox, which I 
thought flipping fast).

> I must say that after a couple of years with fluxbox I've been very 
> happy with how well it works. It's always been stable for me, and it 
> loads so few things that top is relatively clean.
> That said, I seem to be developing a frustration with Linux window 
> managers and menu management. It seems that for fluxbox I have to manage 
> my menu using vi. It seems for Mozilla I have to manage my bookmarks 
> with their editor. I recently started doing some more work in Windows 
> (since I cannot get wireless working under Linux yet) and had been doing 
> a bunch of browsing and bookmarking. It's so nice in IE being able to 
> rearrange my bookmarks by just dragging them around. Same for the start 
> menu. Just drag apps to the area you want them in the menu.
> Do any of the light weight Linux window managers support this?

I think the reason the light weights are light weight is because they 
are mininmalistic and don't support a lot of these kinds of advanced 
features.  Gnome & KDE, of course, support this kind of stuff, but they 
are not light weight by any means (and are more than just window managers).

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