[linux-audio-user] soundfonts and samplers

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Wed Aug 11 20:50:25 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 11 August 2004 03:30 pm, Iván Almada wrote:
> About SoundFonts:
> (reply to robert's soundfonts rants)
> i havent used soundfonts at all (never),  i was
> planning to use them as a last resort not because
> everybody has a bad attitude towards sf,  but what
> youve said that theyre monolithic,  when im composing
> i like to make new samples and load them in-the-fly to
> a sampler and then process the sample more with fx and
> stuff... and again... render to wave and then load- it
> again... maybe change some rythmic structures and then
> render again to audio and maybe the complete audio
> chunk load it as a whole audio track in ardour or some
> audio seq software with mixer to further process!!!
> thats the way i like to make music,  so the point is


> that soundfount could let me achieve this easily? or
> is it difficult to compile your own soundfonts... the
> other problem i think ill encounter is that sequencers
> cant record the audio directly from your soundcards
> wavetable... (please correct if im wrong)...

Soundfonts are just a unified format/architecture for sample playback.
In this case "sample" means wavetable synthesis. 
You can use them for storing loops, and raw samples.. 
You can do a lot of your comping nondestructively. You may have to learn 
"another instrument" as it were, because you'll have to work with the 
available tools for soundfont editing. 

> on the other hand ive been searching for sf and ive
> realized that maybe they will be very useful to me
> because you can load pre-made drum kits like a TR-909
> for example and use them easily just as if you had the
> real midi module...

Probably easier, because you have potentially better interface with a 

> another question: my soundcard has 4 synths built in
> right? does this means i can load 4 soundfont banks at
> the same time???


> on the other hand ive realized specimen is a great
> sampler:  everything i need (preview .wav, map
> different regions, loop point editor, filter, though
> more different filters would be very very nice...) and
> i didnt know you could use it directly from rosegardan
> through alsa midi ,  that excelent,  just as if
> specimen was a plug in, i can trigger samples from my
> midi keyboard with an inperceptible latency,  now i
> would like to know several more things,  like how to
> apply ladpsa plugins to the sampler for example if i
> want to use some of the ladpsa filters... how is the
> audio routed from specimen back into the midi host
> mixer (it displays audio in a channel called rec... )
> but it has no slots for plug ins...
> anyone knows how to do this??? could this be done? or
> do i have to record the audio and then process it in a
> standard audio track ?

Use Specimen's jack driver, then patch through jack-rack
or another plug-in host

> thanx
> ivan.
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