[linux-audio-user] Re: Best distro for Audio??

Tom Burdick tom.burdick at rcn.com
Thu Aug 12 11:11:42 EDT 2004

Carlo Capocasa wrote:

>Hi Juhana!
>Just teamed up with Luke Yelavich to do some Slackware audio packages... So 
>guess WHICH distro I'm going to recommend to you :)
>I've only ever tried Slackware, and I've heard from many sources it is VERY 
>fast compared to some other distros including RedHat... I like to call them 
>'bloatware'. Installing Slack takes about half an hour and issues aren't that 
>likely to happen.
>On the low level graphics ALWAYS comes at a cost in terms of stability and 
>security. A good compromise is interactive text mode programs.
>Slackware comes with a great one: CFDISK. Very comfortable to use. The install 
>program then takes care of formatting.
>Here's an article by a guy who just switched to Slack as his Desktop distro.
>If you follow his instructions and top things off with the audioslack.com 
>packages, I can't think of anything faster, easier, more stable or more 
>convenient. And to top it off, if you would like me to help you if you run 
>into any trouble, I gladly will.
I agree with carlo, slackware is very very fast. I get almost no xruns 
with audioslack on even the lowest latency settings, compared to the 
other various distro's (except gentoo maybe, never tried) which all tend 
to give me latency issues. I highly recommend slackware and audioslack 
for anyone thats looking for fast, easy, and extremely stable. 
Audioslack now even uses slapt-get, much like debian's infamous apt-get 
:-) If you do try it out, please join the mailing list, I also intend on 
making some packages like carlo.


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