[linux-audio-user] soundfonts and samplers

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Thu Aug 12 12:59:30 EDT 2004

On Thursday 12 August 2004 04:27 am, LinuxMedia wrote:
> > is it difficult to compile your own soundfonts...
> When I was working with soundfonts, I used the smurf soundfont editor.
> http://smurf.sourceforge.net/
> It's new name is "swami" but I couldn't get swami to work. I can't
> remember if I spent the time to read the smurf docs but not the swami
> one? You can try both and see how they work for you. It just seems to me
> that smurf worked without a hastle, but I really had to mess with swami.
> I don't even remember if I got swami to work. But smurf works well.

Yes, I've been using smurf for a few years. I have a pretty good library of 
Soundfonts though, so I haven't used it to build any patch sets. I _did_ used 
to do sample sets back in the day, when I had my EPS16+. Soundfonts aren't 
quite as exceptional as that beast, architecture-wise, but they're pretty 

> I'm excited about speciman because I find soundfonts to be a very
> (un)flexible way to put instrument sets together. And it seems a bit
> complicated (but made more sense as I used smurf).

Power of the GUI. I've only looked at Specimen briefly and it looks adequate.
Coming from me, that's a pretty good evaluation. (I'm jaded)

> Rocco

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