[linux-audio-user] External sound card for laptop.

Jonathan Segel jsegel at magneticmotorworks.com
Fri Aug 13 01:32:34 EDT 2004

>And what about PCMCIA sound card? i heard that there is a RME one, but i
>think it's very expensive? And what about it's support with ALSA?

yes. i use the rme multiface carbus with my laptop and it works 
great! recent alsa updates (v 1.0.5..?) have done great things for 
this combo. before i was using it with its pci card in a desktop 
version. the rme multiface + cardbus was ~ $850 when i bought it a 
couple years ago. might be cheaper now.
running planet-ccrma, by the way, in both of these. still testing 
gentoo ppc on my apple laptop.

>  > Maybe there is firewire Hardware out there ? ?
>There is some firewire hardward. For example :
>But i think that this one doesn't work under Linux .It's my problem....
>Is anybody had an experience with this kind of firewire hardware?

i believe every firewire audio vendor has a different way of parsing 
the data packets, so developers would need every vendor's specs... 
and most don't release them.

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