[linux-audio-user] some thoughts about Linux audio software documentation

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Fri Aug 13 10:16:30 EDT 2004

Last Friday 13 August 2004 00:55, Pete Bessman was like:
> However, I am but one dude.  Post 1.0, I can help out more generally,
> but at the moment I am focused on Specimen, and every minute I
> contribute to another project is a minute I'm not contributing to my
> own.  I don't say this to be competitive, simply to reinforce the fact
> that improving our abysmal doc situation isn't something you can
> really expect most developers to help with; at least not so long as
> their own app is still critically incomplete.

Do you want some help writing the docs then?


tim hall

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