[linux-audio-user] some thoughts about Linux audio software documentation

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Fri Aug 13 21:09:28 EDT 2004

On Friday 13 August 2004 10:30 am, tim hall wrote:
> Last Friday 13 August 2004 00:18, jjbenham at chicagoguitar.com was like:
> > Is there any other way to learn how to use a program other than just
> > reading through all the code? I could ask the developers to explain it to
> > me but after that the might as well have wrote the docs themselves.
> Yeah, you start the application up, click on all the buttons to see what
> they do, crash it a couple of times and then discover the help files. ;-]
> The way you do it is far superior.

Sounds like he's doing it that way out of desperation.

> A combination of the two approaches - Intuitive + logical + asking the
> developers when it doesn't make sense is probably the surest way to come up
> with documentation. I don't read code at all, but if we worked together,
> hypothetically, we'd be able to cover most angles.
> That's what I like about WIKI, someone like me can set up an
> intuitive-oriented framework and get the experts to fill in the details and
> make corrections. Well that's the theory.

Shoot me a link if you have one, I'd like to see how you're setting things up.
Maybe my opinion is based on primitive lay outs.

> cheers
> tim hall

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