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Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Fri Aug 13 23:23:56 EDT 2004

Dylan wrote:
> On Saturday 14 Aug 2004 02:03 am, Erik Steffl wrote:
>>Dylan wrote:
> <SNIP>
>>>A - X is massively overkill for running a single app
>>   you don't run X on the server, just the X client (e.g. xmms), you
>>have to have some x libraries but X is not running on server
> OK, that's good - would I need a window manager too?

   not on the hedless server, on the machine where you display yes, 
unless you go fullscreen/kiosk style.

>>   there's some disconnect here - functionally there is no difference
>>between local player and the player that uses stream. Regardless of
>>whether you are using streaming or not you can pipe it to house
>>stereo. Or perhaps I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do.
> Slightly misunderstanding, I think - I want to be able to listen to the 
> music in any room in the house. The stereo already does this, so it 
> makes sense to use it. I could stream to the living room, kitchen, 
> study.... all of which have machines in them, but hearing music out of 
> sync from another room would be somewhat annoying to say the least.

   ok, you want to have a one line-out from computer (preferably the one 
in the case with all other audio equipment) plus ability to control what 
is being played from any of the computers, preferably using web interface.

> Play ogg files to sound card
> Allow compilation of playlists (exact spec not yet defined)
> Allow editing of tag info and user defined meta data
> Record to ogg files
> Transcode files and perform other manipulations (basically provide an 
> interface for sox)
> Be remotely controllable by browser interface
>>   which server are you using?
> None at the moment, haven't yet managed to get PHP ang MySQL to 
> interoperate, but only been trying that for a day... Have looked at the 

   just did that few days ago, on a debian system it's quite easy, I 
just needed to reconfigure the packages after adding apache2 (they were 
initially configured for apache-ssl only). I can send you relevant parts 
of config files (should be fairly similar for other distros).

> ones suggested here, plus tunez, tuna, NetJuke and rimps. Unfortunately 
> they all fail with PHP or SQL errors, so I need to get that sorted out 
> before trying them in earnest...

   ample - looks like it supports playing directly into xmms (which 
would be running on the same machine where the ample is running, not on 
the machine where you controlling it from. IIRC this was either not 
working or too simple/inflexible

   gnump3d - this is probably not what you want, seems like only 
supports streaming to the machine where you control it from (just like 
few other ones like icecast, slimp3 etc.)

   Mserv (http://www.mserv.org) - this looks like it could do the job, I 
think I tried this one and it worked fairly well (it has API, web 
interface and CLI, you can connect to it via telnet, there are some 
third party clients listed on their web page). This is definitely the 
one to look at (given your setup), don't remember if it was suggested 

   I don't remember any server doing all the audio manipulation you are 
asking for, they are all just interfaces to players (i.e. play, search, 
playlist etc.)


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