[linux-audio-user] "Linux fx box how to" WAS: some thoughts about Linux audio software documentation

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Sun Aug 15 01:01:45 EDT 2004

On Saturday 14 August 2004 10:56 am, tim hall wrote:
> Last Saturday 14 August 2004 15:41, Dave Phillips was like:
> >  FWIW the HTML editing modes in emacs and vi are neat. Frankly I've
> > considered HTML an extremely simple mark-up language to learn and use,
> > and I've never needed to use anything other than vi (and the O'Reilly
> > book on HTML).
> I actually use nedit most of the time, in combination with firefox's Web
> Developer plugin. I've found kword useful for converting foreign documents.
> While we're at it I have to say I like the look of Bluefish, which is the
> first thing I've seen that might tempt me away from a plain text editor.

I've used Bluefish. It's a nice tool.

> HTML does me fine fine for most things, but I'm always open to learn.
> cheers
> tim hall

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