[linux-audio-user] some thoughts about Linux audio software documentation

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Sun Aug 15 01:36:18 EDT 2004

On Saturday 14 August 2004 05:54 pm, Pete Bessman wrote:
> At Sat, 14 Aug 2004 15:09:04 +0100,
> tim hall wrote:
> > > I am *not* trying to look a gift horse in the mouth here, but if you
> > > *really* want to help I think I have a better idea.
> > >
> > > Make some music (real music, finished stuff), and write docs on what
> > > you had to do to make this music.  Start from the beginning:
> > >
> > > --What distro did you install, and on what hardware?
> > >
> > > --What configuration steps did you need to perform?
> >
> > Done this and made a start on docs http://wiki.agnula.org
> >
> > > --What applications did you use, and how did you install and configure
> > >   them?
> >
> > Dave Phillips has already made a damn good start on this one too.
> > http://www.agnula.org/documentation/dp_tutorials/ I'm trying to
> > figure out where the gaps are. No sense in duplicating effort.  The
> > fact that you're on-list now saying YES! to documentation help makes
> > me think that Specimen deserves some attention.
> Yeah, I didn't know this info was even out there.  If these pieces
> were synthesized into a cohesive whole and their existence advertised
> in a public place that would make great inroads into acceptance.
> Heck, the "synthesis" could just be one page with links to the
> relevant docs in the recommended order of reading.
> Another thing to consider is whether we can obviate the need for the
> general installation and configuration docs.  There is no technical
> reason, IMHO, why we can't have a pro-audio oriented distro that
> requires the same low level of involvement as Knoppix.  This isn't
> about pandering to drooling morons, but simply respecting other
> people's time.  

Amen to that. Really, turnkey systems is where it's at for commercial studios.
That and leasing, which is pretty standard in a business where you have to 
stay current or die.

>If a given task is so programmatic that we can write a
> HOWTO for it in recipe format, I think that's an indication that the
> computer should be doing this for the user automatically.
> Well, that's actually a whole 'nother can of worms, I suppose, but I
> think the gist is pertinent.
> > I do make music with this software, but I have so far only really
> > produced demos and test pieces, which aren't necessarily the best
> > advert. I have already contributed some stuff to
> That's still a *whole* lot better than nothing.  Back when specimen
> was totally nascent, I saw my web stats literally triple just by
> uploading a *crappy* demo of it in action.  After throwing "fighting
> for" together, the numbers doubled from there and have held
> relatively steady ever since.

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