[linux-audio-user] Sending and recieving data between computers using JACK

André Alves Pereira andre.pereira at ig.com.br
Wed Aug 18 07:52:15 EDT 2004

Something like this:



André Magoo

Em Quarta 18 Agosto 2004 02:05, Luke Yelavich escreveu:
> Hi all
> this may have come up before, but I couldn't find anything quite relavent
> to what I would like to do.
> I would like to send data from one machine that is using JACK clients to
> another machine, which would use the JACK icecast client to broadcast the
> data in OGG format. I would prefer to send the data from the first machine
> as pure PCM, and let the second machine do the encoding to OGG and
> broadcasting.
> What JACK client would be most appropriate between the two machines for
> sending and receiving data in PCM format?
> Thanks for any suggestions.

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