[linux-audio-user] Sending and recieving data between computers using JACK

Ruth A. Kramer rhkramer at fast.net
Mon Aug 16 21:10:23 EDT 2004

Joe Hartley wrote:
> I live in a house with 4 distinct areas, with network connected music
> systems in each area.  When I have a party, I'd love to have each of
> these machines tie into a stream from my audio server so that they're
> in sync - that is, if I can hear 2 different systems at the same time,
> I want them to be at the same place in the stream, not a second or two
> off from each other.
> Has anyone heard of anything under Linux that would do such a thing?
> (It just occured to me that tapping into such a stream with a buffer of
> size 0 may do it, though that could open me up to hearing every little
> network burp encountered.  I'll have to try that tonight!)

No, and I'd echo the caveats that Edward Barrow mentioned (if I had to
do it, I'd run speaker wires to speakers distributed throughout the
house (or preamplified audio signals to amplifier/speakers throughout
the house) rather than lan cable to computer/amplifier/speakers
throughout the house.

However, I just thought I'd mention, in case someone seriously wants to
attempt something over a lan, there is a way to do multicasting with
TCP/IP, and that may be needed to get as close as you can get to
synchronization.  (But, with varying processing latency in each
computer, I'm not sure that would be anywhere close to satisfactory.)

Randy Kramer

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