[linux-audio-user] Alsa + midisport 2X2 boot sequence

Alastair Couper kalepa at shaka.com
Thu Aug 19 20:08:19 EDT 2004

This is pretty minor, but...

I am using the midisport 2X2. If I leave it plugged in at boot time, it
loads its firmware via fxload, which causes alsa to be initialiazed and
load its driver. Then in the boot sequence (this is  on Mandrake10.0)
the normal init for alsa & sound cards is encountered. The alsa driver
says "alsa is already running" and does not load drivers.

My workaround is to unplug the midisport before booting, and then plug
it in after alsa loads the sound card drivers (but sometimes I
forget...). What would be the best way to change things such that I can
just leave it  plugged in and still get alsa to load properly ?

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