[linux-audio-user] mouse wheel behavior and RFC: human interface guidelines

Lee Revell rlrevell at joe-job.com
Sat Aug 21 01:30:59 EDT 2004

I just installed jack-rack and find the mouse wheel behavior a bit odd. 
The sliders are horizontal, and turning the wheel 'up' (away from you)
decreases the slider value, and vice versa.

This seems backwards to me.  What does everyone else think?  This is one
of those things that will *have* to work the same way in every app,
otherwise it's maddening for users, so we had better agree on it now. 
Alternatively, there has to be one place where this behavior can be set
for all apps.  What is not acceptable is for 50% to do it one way and
50% the other.

What is really needed is a set of human interface guidelines for Linux
audio apps.  Better to do this now, while much of the code is not
mature, than later, and have a bunch of different apps which work,
except that the widgets work completely different from one app to
another for no good reason other than that person A felt like doing it
like this and person B like that.  You can talk about freedom all you
want but the users do not care about this kind of thing, it just looks
like the left hand is not talking to the right.  Professional users
(rightfully) demand a consistent interface, unless there is a good
reason (extra functionality) not to provide one.

I would like to start putting these guidelines together.  A good place
to start is to document the behavior of the most popular and mature
existing apps.  Any suggestions are welcome.


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