[linux-audio-user] Setting up linux computer

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Aug 22 16:37:13 EDT 2004

Thomas Pickett hat gesagt: // Thomas Pickett wrote:

>          thanks for the advice.  I don't care too much on which distro is 
> easiest to install.  I care more about how good it works for music 
> production.  

Heresy: They all work the same. There are no differences between
distributions in how good they are for music production. Need proof?
Ask what everyone is running, and you will find every distro there is

> If you had the choice which one of the suggestions given would you
> use?

I'd use what I use, which is Debian, but the reason is not because it
would work better for music or so. The reason is that I am used to it,
that I like the package management, that I like the libre software
approach of Debian and so on. Ease of install is not important to me,
I only did two Debian installs in the last 8 years or so - one on my
main machine, the other one on my laptop. - Oh, and one for a friend's
laptop, so that makes three.

Mostly things outside music production influenced my choice of
distribution, and I would recommend to do the same. Music makes enough
trouble, so you should feel comfortable with the system in general.

> About the firewire stuff.   I think it is too bad that linux does not 
> support it at this point.  There are lots of decent soundcards that are 
> firewire based.  MOTU 828mkII,  Edirol FA-101,  Presonus Firepod.  The only 
> decent pci card I can think of that has multiple ins/outs on it is the 
> delta 1010.  

There are many more, a very popular one being the RME card.

> Firewire gives the posibility to use the soundcard on different
> computers and portability is not a problem.  It seems strange that
> the linux community isn't heading in that direction.  I understand
> that it takes alot of work but I think that the firewire soundcards
> give alot more options than the pci cards.  Any comments?

I suppose, you already mentioned the reason: It's a lot of work, and
nobody capabale to do it did it yet. I wouldn't compare PCI and
Firewire, though, as those are actually quite different beasts.

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