[linux-audio-user] Linux Audio Human Interface Guidelines 0.01 (was Re: mouse wheel behavior and RFC: human interface guidelines)

Ruth A. Kramer rhkramer at fast.net
Wed Aug 25 00:27:13 EDT 2004

Paul Winkler wrote:
> No no no!  See how confusing this all is? :-(
> As the input signal increases, the gain is reduced more.
> So the meter moves to the left.
> With silent input, there is no gain reduction, so the meter will be all
> lit up (i.e. "to the right").


Well, I guess I see how confusing it is. ;-) Having never fooled with a
gain reduction device (alafaik), it may take some time to get my head
around this.  But, it will definitely be a back burner effort.

Randy Kramer

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