[linux-audio-user] Regarding NoteEdit, Finale, and rumor

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Fri Aug 27 13:35:17 EDT 2004

Last Friday 27 August 2004 15:24, Dave Phillips was like:
> But the truth is that I'm not really interested in Finale, I'm
> interested in libre software, and my concern is for the continued
> development of NE. It would be nice if someone would step up and take
> the reins, and as I said earlier, that is my hope now for NE.

If Finale did ever port for GNU, I probably still wouldn't use it.
If NoteEdit continues development I will probably consider it.

Thanks to Joerg for his contribution to Free Software.
Thanks in advance to all the people who are going to prove to him that his 
efforts have not been in vain. ;-)

Don't let the Funking Bar Stewards Mix your Martinis.

tim hall

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