[linux-audio-user] Tascam US428 Continued hangups

Spencer Russell Spencer.Russell at oberlin.edu
Tue Dec 21 23:31:58 EST 2004

A while ago I was having trouble with my US428 hanging my system,
usually directly after I tried to start JACK. Then lots of
school-type stuff came up, and I set it aside for a while, and
just used the built-in soundcard. Now that finals are over, I'm
looking at tryint to get it to work again. So I downloaded the
2.6.10-rc2 source, applied the mm3, usx2y-0.8.7, and rt2 patches,
used make-kpkg to make a nice debian-friendly package, and
installed the kernel and modules. I also got the realtime-lsm
module, and the package that has the scripts to set it up all
nice and easy. So I boot it up, and aside from my touchpad not
working, everything looks good. So I tail -f /var/log/messages,
and plug in my US428. It seems to load the firmware and start
us428control the way it's supposed to, and I can even start jack
and run the xmms-jack out plugin and listen to music through it.
Seems to work great. But as soon as I start ardour, I get this:

kernel: Sequence Error!(hcd_frame=1152ep=10out;wait=120,frame=124).
kernel: Most propably some urb of usb-frame 120 is still missing.
kernel: Cause could be too long delays in usb-hcd interrupt handling.

and qjackctl up and disapears, and ardour gives an error about
being booted by jack.

but I'm pretty stoked at at least my computer didn't hang(as it
used to), until I unplug the device, and do some other stuff, and
then it hangs. So I guess I'm in a slightly better position than
before, but I'm getting pretty close to selling this, and saving
up for one of the RME pcmcia interfaces.

thanks for any ideas,

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