[linux-audio-user] fluidsynth shell commands

Gerrit Niestijl gn at hetnet.nl
Sun Feb 1 09:47:34 EST 2004


Thanks a lot, that works! Is there also a way to send the commands in
filename.sh to an already running instance of fluidsynth? That would
open the possability to write a script in scala and tune a running
fluidsynth from within scala.

Stefano Cavallari <stefano at cavallari.cjb.net> writes:

> Fluidsynth exits when it finds a EOF, so you have to keep the standard
> input open;
> try this:
> $ (cat filename.sh; cat ) | fluidsynth -m alsa_seq  ~/gerrit.sf2
> that will leave the fluidsynth shell ready for inputs after the commands
> in filename.sh have been sent to it.


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