[linux-audio-user] toshiba A10 - S213 - bios and kernel

juto aviten periclite at free.fr
Mon Feb 2 05:04:41 EST 2004

Sorry, but did someone received this message, I think I sent it to the 
list, but no one answer me, maybe it's not working?, or maybe I need to 
be clearer, or my problems is too specific... thanks for your answer

Hello Friends,
I bought a laptop toshiba A10 - S213 pentium 4 - 516 Mo and I installed
mandrake 9.2 on it, i use it with the multimedia kernel of mandrake. I
would like to know if one of you could access to the bios of this kind
of machine, it seems that we have to use window$ to have access to it,
really strange. Does someone have an idea?
And also, I have some problems when I used sound and that in the same
time I run a brownser or another application, the sound is cutting by
some other priority of the system, I tried to give priority to sound by
doing  nice --10 but it's always the same, does someone had experienced
this problem?

thanks a lot for your help!!

juto aviten

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