[linux-audio-user] bad lag with audiophile 2496

Dr.Whiz-Bang joe at joeyreid.com
Tue Feb 3 08:24:38 EST 2004

> ALSA and JACK based apps work without delays. I'd say it's 
> oss-emulation
> layer problem at least in my case.

I suspect the OSS emulation layer myself, but I can't get my finger on 
it. I toyed without some more last night, by playing a short wav file. 
"aplay my.wav" starts in less than a second, whereas "play my.wav" 
takes 1-2 seconds (am I correct in assuming that "play" uses oss and 
"aplay" uses alsa?)

is there some kind of buffer setting that i can tweak that will remove 
this lag? or is there a way to get more of my apps to use alsa instead 
of oss (like esd). and if i get esd to use alsa, will that fix my 
problem with flash?

(just as an additional item, i figured i would monkey with the irqs to 
see if the problem was there. I now have the audiophile on irq 9 by 
itself, and still the same problem.)

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