[linux-audio-user] zipper noise during playback

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Wed Feb 4 11:55:03 EST 2004

Robert Jonsson wrote:

>I think you know this and probably do it right already, can't hurt to repeat 
>it though. 
>You have to run the sb-live with 48khz sampling frequency to achieve good 
>performance. I haven't heard of this particular issue but I imagine it's 
>possible since sb-live does internal resampling...
I've started using JACK with 48 kHz.

>More probable is perhaps that the card is faulty.
Doubtful. Playback is fine with XMMS through long playlists.

I did add the 'no-hlt' instruction to lilo.conf, that definitely fixed a 
problem with mouse noise. I've been experimenting with various settings 
for JACK, I'll put a report together when I've found my optimal values.

I'm a little suspicious about the nVidia card/driver combination. Anyone 
else using a gForce with the nVidia driver ?

I'm also interested in anyone else's settings, experiences with, or 
opinions on using an SBLive with JACK.



>On Tuesday 03 February 2004 04.37, Dave Phillips wrote:
>>  I've already written to the usual lists about this problem, but as yet
>>I've read no solution.
>>  During playback of audio in JACK apps (Snd, Ardour, SC3) the sound wil
>>often start out fine but after a few minutes it begins to distort in a
>>"zipping" fashion, like it's out of sync with itself. After a few
>>minutes it returns to stability. It's starting to be a real problem for
>>me, so I thought I'd ask here again if anyone else has experienced this
>>problem and what did you do to fix it.
>>  Here's the system:
>>    Planet CCRMA RH 9 w. kernel 2.4.24-ll
>>    ALSA 1.0.1
>>    JACK 0.94
>>    SBLive Value
>>    gForce2 w. nVidia driver
>>    XFree86 4.3.0
>>  The machine is no screamer, an 800 MHz Duron, but I haven't had this
>>problem with it before. I have suspicions about the nVidia card and
>>driver, and I'm also wondering about moving the SBLive to another slot.
>>Any and all advice on this problem will be vastly appreciated.
>>  Btw, I don't have the problem during playback from XMMS or xine.
>>Best regards,

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