[linux-audio-user] Should I Bother Learning Csound?

micro.ispretty freakjazz at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 23:43:15 EST 2004

let me take advantage of this thread

since sfront was much easiler to install .bin-ly
on my slow promt-mode-oriented-slackware-machine
am about to stick to saol instead of csound
when @ linux

mr lazzlo is kind enough to answer to my newbie
oriented quentions
when i try to find things -related to saol- floating
on the net
there are very few hits and
most of them are out of date

is there any good community
(ml wound be best if possible)
that i can join
which is active at this moment?

--- Paul Winkler <pw_lists at slinkp.com> wrote:
> > complicated things I could learn and have been
> considering csound. It
> > seems like it would be the last thing I'd ever
> need to learn.
> Maybe. IMHO it's a bit of a crap language. SAOL/SASL
> is much
> nicer in a lot of ways - e.g. there is branching
> other than "goto" :-O
> and you can actually make reusable bits of code
> which is very painful
> in csound.  

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