[linux-audio-user] DeMuDi-Creature Re:[ports|quests]

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sat Feb 7 23:17:23 EST 2004

Andrea, Free, Damien et al.

All the creature[0] reports I still have open are packages that still don't 
work on my machine. I just felt I should make that clear. However, I have 
been altering the priorities to try to indicate whether I consider them 
important (to me as opposed to the distro generally).

Thus the low priorities are things I've noticed, but can work around. Some 
like the tk707 psting relate to DeMuDi-1.0 versions and can be safely closed. 
If you do happen to close an item which was important to me that will simply 
prompt me to get in touch to clarify.

The 'important' issues for me are with the Jack'd apps. I'd particularly like 
to sort out MusE, Hydrogen and Jamin so I can get making music. I understand 
that experimenting with Jack currently involves facing frequent crashes, 
however, an application does need to start up, connect with Jackd and 
preferably open a file or two before it can crash the system in a 
satisfactory manner.

Despite my successes at repeatedly and logically breaking things, It's not 
always so easy to find or record any meaningful output and this makes it 
difficult to proceed towards a solution. From recent discussions I take 
solace in the knowledge that I am not alone and that this is in fact the 
day-to-day reality of most software developers, who long for the day they can 
actually sit down and use the product without having to file another bug 
report. I do sympathise.

Damien says he thinks he's fixed the creature[0] on Jamin. How do I find the 
bugfixed package so I can verify that it works on my system?

Thanks for all the great work you're doing. If you can think of any ways my 
input can be made more useful, please don't hesitate to let me know, like a 
Package-Breaking-HOWTO or X-Crashing-HOWTO, these would be welcomed.


tim hall

[0] "That's not a bug, it's an Undocumented Creature" 
- Terry Pratchett - Discworld2 -

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