[linux-audio-user] Fedora with Alsa drivers and audio applications

Gustavo Zamorano S. gzsuniq at cableonda.net
Sun Feb 8 00:35:17 EST 2004

I want to report that my linux box is working fine with Fedora Core 1.
I had problems with Fedora included audio drivers.
I installed Alsa drivers 1.0.2.  Now more than one application can send 
output to /dev/dsp at the same time.  I enabled artsd as sound server. 
It is working fine so far.
I have installed xmms with MP3 support.  I downloaded ZINF today .  Very 
nice!.  I had problems with Alsa libs when compiling Zinf source code. 
So, I downloaded Zinf rpms files for RH 9 and now Zinf is working fine 
on Fedora.
I also had to use mpg123  I previously compiled for RH9.  It also 
reported conflicts with alsa libs when trying to compile under Fedora.

I am also testing lame.  It is working fine to create MP3 files, but it 
is not working when trying to convert MP3 to WAV files.  So, I am using 
ogg decoders and encoders to do that.

gnome-cd and cdplayer are working fine also.  Grip is also doing a good 
work as well as cdrecord.
I have a TV card with BT848 chip.  Video works fine but there is no audio.

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