[linux-audio-user] [ANN] lakai-0.1

Frank Neumann beachnase at web.de
Sun Feb 8 19:13:03 EST 2004

Hi list,
Emiliano Grilli <emiliano.grilli at poste.it> wrote:

> > I'm happy to announce the first release (0.1) of lakai, a small tool package
> > that allows to exchange data (samples, programs) between a Linux PC and an
> > Akai sampler (S2000 tested; other 2xxx/3xxx models might work or not) over
> > SCSI. This permits "complete backup" and "complete restore" of the sampler
> > RAM contents.
> Excellent!
> Unfortunately I do not have an Akai sampler, I have a Yamaha A4000... Do
> you think your program can be useful to me?

I don't think so, sorry (see below).

> I know it can read (or better: import) AKAI cds, but don't know if the
> support is complete and especcially how this is related to SCSI
> communication. 

Reading (importing) Akai sample CDs is one thing (that's handled by the
OS or firmware of the sampler), but transferring stuff to the PC is
something else.

I had a short search on the internet, and if what I found is correct, the 
Yamaha A3000/4000/5000 use the "SMDI" protocol for sampler transfer between
PC and sampler. This is in a document by Peavey (a doc from 1991), and there
is also an open-source project that brings this to Linux (see
http://chn.roarvgm.com/opensmdi/). However, I have not tried that, and cannot
comment on it. OpenSMDI has not had any updates since May 2001 or so.

Akai samplers have their own protocol which is not compatible with
OpenSMDI (communication goes through SysEx strings which is always
manufacturer-specific). That's perhaps why the Akai sampler protocol seems
to be a good deal faster than SMDI (I read about SMDI doing some 30 KBytes/sec;
I could do up to 610 KBytes/sec on long files).


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