[linux-audio-user] More Mandrake 9.2 fine tuning...Dell latitude live fx box

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Mon Feb 9 18:37:52 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 11:41, Robert Jonsson wrote:
> Hi,
> On Monday 09 February 2004 20.06, Chris Pickett wrote:
> > >  I am still unable to run Jack at anything less than 1024 without having
> > > Xrun hell. I set the HD to DMA "on" I had apm as opposed to acpi
> > > running...turned it off and found no difference.
> >
> > Check that your CPU speed is not getting screwed up by the power
> > management (i.e. you have the full 650 MHz).  I don't know if it's even
> > a problem for Dell laptops, but it was/is for certain Thinkpads.
> >
> > > I notice that running Ardour (Beta .9beta 9 RPM from Thacs RPMs), after
> > > I have fired up Jackstart or Jackd-realtime from Qjackctl with -d alsa
> > > hw:0 1024 2 as root and then fire up  Ardour and add a track, the pcm
> > > chain is connected (also visible in Qjackctl "Connect")and I have sound
> > > but the pc starts running slow and the Hard drive light is constantly
> > > on. I'm not recording anything...is this Jack writing to disc? I only
> > > have 128 megs in this machine...
> >
> > It's worth maxing out the RAM in your laptop.  I have a Thinkpad with
> > similar specs, and I found upgrading from 128 to 384 Mb RAM made a huge
> > difference in performance.  Make sure you get the right kind, or at
> > least a compatible kind.  It seems likely that this is the problem; even
> > if it isn't, it's still a very worthwhile (and cheap) upgrade.
> mmm, 128 is a little on the low side when running X ... possibly there are 
> some daemons you could turn of ?

Turned off all the networking stuff, pcmcia, apm
> Some alternatives would be:
> * Use something a bit more lightweight than Ardour, you mention ecamegapedal, 
> did you try anything else? There is a bunch of similar apps. E.g. JackRack. I 
> think there are some that don't require jack also... they might give better 

Cant see not using jack and having effective latentcy? anything I've
tried going direct to /dev/dsp just dont work. Crackles, pops, erk!
> mileage.
> * don't run X, would definitely improve on the memory issue. Probably your 
> best choice then would be to run ecasound directly (ecamegapedal is a kind of 
> wrapper around ecasound). There is a bit of learning curve to understand all 
> the features but ecasound is very capable. Jack would not be needed then 
> either.

But I like all da purty colors! 8~)  I have had Ardour and Jack running
on my other identical laptop with 256 megs for a few hours now. Still up
and no issues so far, although I have not been working it either. THis
Saturday evening will be the test at the good ol' "Lucky Dawg" saloon!
Yup, you read it right...The "Lucky Dawg"!! Reeks of Banjo music dont?
:) But it's a fun low pressure gig. 


> /Robert
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Chris

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