[linux-audio-user] Re: Re: Sticker/Logo "Made with Linux" ?

Michelle Konzack linux4michelle at freenet.de
Tue Feb 10 08:37:25 EST 2004

Am 2004-02-10 19:49:47, schrieb Patrick Shirkey:
>Joern Nettingsmeier wrote:
>>>Hmmm, I was thinking about it...
>>>Tomorow morning I will go to the Printing-Office and Ask for 1000, 
>>>2000 and 5000.
>Here in Korea you can get 1000 for less than Eu100

Hello Patrick, 

I know and and in China too.

OK, you know I am in creation of my own Enterprise...
Why not a production in Korea or China...

Sticker, Cofee-Mugs, Mouse-Pads, T-Shirts...

If you have an address, let me know.
I like to order minimum 5000 Pieces per Logo.


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