[linux-audio-user] is it likely that JACK get included in any of these distros? what about SC?

lee at fallingforward.net lee at fallingforward.net
Wed Feb 11 01:28:22 EST 2004

I'm planning on making a Gentoo ebuild for SuperCollider when I get a


On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, micro.ispretty wrote:

> hi
> am still making footprints as a linux user
> started using SC3 @ OSX
> but
> prefer using it @ promt mode linux
> the difficult part of linux is that
> you have to learn a lot before you run a program
> if it is not included in the distro
> the best way for me to learn is to
> run anyway and learn deeper gradually
> and a about to make my mind to just wait
> until things get prepared in the distro
> since ALSA became the default of Kernel 2.6.x
> is it likely that
> JACK will also get included in any of many distros?
> i will at least learn
> Planet or DeMuDi ?
> what about SClang?
> will i be waiting forever
> because there is some reason
> that things cannot be handled that way?
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