Linux PA WAS [linux-audio-user] More Mandrake 9.2 fine tuning...Dell latitude live fx box

Greg Reddin gtreddin at
Thu Feb 12 10:27:52 EST 2004

--- Russell Hanaghan <hanaghan at> wrote:
> > > > 1.  One sound engineer mixes house and monitors for a club
> band. 
> > > > He's up on stage listening to the monitor mix and adjusting
> it with a
> > > > PDA over a wireless network :-)
> > > 
> > > Love this idea!!! 
> > 
> > How the heck is he going to judge the front-of-house sound
> without
> > being in the house?
> > I don't think this is practical.
> True dat!! :) I was thinking this would be kick a$$ for adjusting
> monitors when they need to be Eq'd from in No seperate
> monitor
> mixing console. I have had to do this a million times and the
> footwork
> was a pain in a big house!

Actually, I was not thinking during the show, but during soundcheck. 
Everywhere I run sound, I have to run up to the stage, listen to the
mix, run back to the console and adjust the monitors.  Being able to
adjust while I am listening would be quite helpful.


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