[linux-audio-user] Help with Midi Express XT setup, what am I doing wrong here?

Kent, Gary gkent at mhc.edu
Thu Feb 12 16:08:53 EST 2004

	Haven't posted to this list before, but have been using Linux
audio for awhile.  Any help for a linux midi newbie?  I have a Motu Midi
Express XT interface which I can't seem to configure correctly.  I have
been through all of the tutorials on the Planet CCRMA website for USB
midi setup, as well as tweaked /etc/hotplug, /etc/blacklist and the
/etc/modules.conf (snd_limit=4 for two devices: audio card and midi
interface) with no good results.  Anyone know of a place where I can
find some tips on how to set this device up?  I have a SoundBlaster Live
card and am going to make the move to RME pretty soon.  The Motu Express
XT falls into the machine ok, but I can't make it sit in the machine
without it stealing my audio card.  I.e. I can't make both devices work
at the same time.  Any tips?

Thanks very much for any help given,


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