[linux-audio-user] yamaha rp-u200 usb-audio and jack

jaap jacobus at free.fr
Fri Feb 13 18:36:26 EST 2004


Ihave a yamaha rp-u200 usb "soundcard".
Nice,at the same time it is my hifi and surround-ampli
and my radio.

The capture-channel doesn'tb seem to work (normal?)
With alsa,one of the two playback-channels is working.
Not so bad....

But jack doesn't want to start with this device.
Is it that "real24bit"-problem for usb-cards?
Shouldn't it work?

Anyone knows about this?

When I start jack for this device I get the following output:

jackstart -Rv -d alsa -d hw:0,1 -r 44100

back from read, ret = 1 errno == Success
getting driver descriptor from /usr/lib/jack/jack_dummy.so
getting driver descriptor from /usr/lib/jack/jack_alsa.so
jackd 0.94.0
Copyright 2001-2003 Paul Davis and others.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see the file COPYING for details

registered builtin port type 32 bit float mono audio
capabilities: =i cap_setpcap,cap_ipc_lock,cap_sys_nice,cap_sys_resource+ep
loading driver ..
new client: alsa_pcm, id = 1 type 1 @ 0x8057d18 fd = -1
apparent rate = 44100
creating alsa driver ... hw:0,1|hw:0,1|1024|2|44100|0|0|nomon|swmeter|rt|32bit
control device hw:0
configuring for 44100Hz, period = 1024 frames, buffer = 2 periods
Couldn't open hw:0,1 for 32bit samples trying 24bit instead
Couldn't open hw:0,1 for 32bit samples trying 24bit instead
Couldn't open hw:0,1 for 24bit samples trying 16bit instead
Sorry. The audio interface "hw:0,1" doesn't support any of the hardware sample formats that JACK's alsa-driver can use.
ALSA: cannot configure playback channel
cannot load driver module alsa

Thanks for help or comment.

Jaap van Geffen

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