[linux-audio-user] Which kernel for low latency?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Feb 15 18:37:38 EST 2004

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki hat gesagt: // Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:

> As far as annectdotal evidence, I'm running jack and ecasound right now 
>  with jack started this way:
> jackstart -v -R -d alsa -d ice1712 -r 44100 -p 128 -n 2
> using linux 2.6.2 and alsa-drivers-1.0.2c. Seems to be working fairly 
> well here. no dropouts or xruns while browsing, writing this mail, 
> switching desktops, or switching out of X to the console.

Some more anecdotes: I switched to 2.6 now, currently running
2.6.2-rc3 with ALSA CVS and capabilities patch. My laptop even uses
the stock Debian 2.6.0 package. System responsiveness is much improved
in general and even feels faster than my LL and preemptible patched
2.4.22 kernel (I know it isn't but it really does feel so.) On the
audio side I generally don't get any dropouts even under load. 

I was switching between 2.4 and 2.6 a lot the last two weeks, and I
still cannot print in 2.6, but in general I really prefer 2.6 now.

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