[linux-audio-user] What is status vxpocket + alsa + jack

Chris Pickett chris.pickett at mail.mcgill.ca
Mon Feb 16 20:53:16 EST 2004

digger vermont wrote:

> Hello All,
> 	Is vxpocket now fully working with alsa and jack?  Are there any issues
> with using it on a powerbook?
> After buying (about a year ago) a Edirol UA-20 and finding it now not
> supported by jack, I'm concerned about ending up with the same situation
> with a vxpocket.

Digigram released some open source drivers, and their cards are 
supposedly well-supported (check the ALSA driver compatability matrix)


I googled for "digigram vxpocket linux powerbook" and also found:


(which I thought was a little amusing because Joern is a (the?) list admin)

Anyway, I have the same card, but not a powerbook, so I felt like 
answering.  It's a great card, and I was lucky to get one when 
audioMIDI.com was blowing them out last year for under $200.  AFAIK, 
JACK doesn't interact directly with your soundcard, but rather with ALSA 
which in turn talks to your soundcard.


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