[linux-audio-user] What is status vxpocket + alsa + jack

digger vermont dv_mlist at verizon.net
Mon Feb 16 22:28:43 EST 2004

Hi Chris,

On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 20:53, Chris Pickett wrote:
> digger vermont wrote:
> > Hello All,
> >     Is vxpocket now fully working with alsa and jack?  Are there any
> > with using it on a powerbook?
> > 


> Digigram released some open source drivers, and their cards are 
> supposedly well-supported (check the ALSA driver compatability matrix)

I saw that, but it also says;

NOTE: Just because an I/O is listed does NOT mean it is guaranteed to be
supported. Please check the mailing list archives before making purchase
decisions based on requirements for IEC-60958 or ADAT I/O.

Most of what I found in the archives was from before Digigram released
the drivers.

> Anyway, I have the same card, but not a powerbook, so I felt like 
> answering.  It's a great card, and I was lucky to get one when 
> audioMIDI.com was blowing them out last year for under $200.  AFAIK,

Lucky you! The best I've seen is $369 at www.8thstreet.com which also
happens to be here in Philly.
> JACK doesn't interact directly with your soundcard, but rather with
> which in turn talks to your soundcard.

Ahh, but it's not so simple.  Jack has an alsa driver. My limited
understanding is that the frames/period must be a power of 2 of the
sample rate.  The UA-20 is at 44100 which doesn't work.  I guess I can
asume that the vxpocket at 48000 will be okay.

Thanks for your help,


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