[linux-audio-user] yamaha rp-u200 usb-audio and jack

jaap jacobus at free.fr
Tue Feb 17 13:23:46 EST 2004

Le Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 11:38:04AM +0100, Clemens Ladisch a écrit...

> You have to use hw:0,0 for playback and hw:0,1 for capture.

Thanks Clemens

So for capture I do jackstart Rv -d alsa -C hw:0,1 ,and indeed 
jack starts ,and with -P hw:0,0 it starts too.I got it.

But then the troubles begin.
When I try jackstart -d alsa -P hw:0,0 -C hw:0,0,the system
freezes with kernel panic.
If jack is running with -P hw:0,0 ,and try to play sound
with alsaplayer -o jack *.ogg,I get a similar crash.
And when I'm run jack with -C hw:0,1 and then open ardour 
after some clicks the system freezes too. 

Should I give up jack for this card?Or am I missing something
or is it a bug.And if yes,will it be fixed?

When I try alsaplayer without jack,it uses oss but there is 
But maybe there is some tuning needed for making the 
4 channel device work? Or am I wrong?


Jaap van Geffen

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