[linux-audio-user] Advice needed re: latency tuning/optimization, esp. video

RTaylor ricktaylor at speakeasy.net
Wed Feb 18 00:19:52 EST 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 11:25:44 +0100
Robert Jonsson <robert.jonsson at dataductus.se> wrote:

> On Tuesday 17 February 2004 07.56, RTaylor wrote:
> >  :} I have one just like it... {Gigabyte no asus {8 drives}}
> 8 as in Eight? Drives as in Hard Disks? ;-)

 Yeah. 4 of them are swappable {drawers}. I keep backups, libraries and so on on
disks {and dvds} I do video. Video requires lots of storage. {Most of my work
is widescreen... {animated... not anamorphic} It suffers when I dump it to
tape. HDs are relatively cheap.

> >  ...You need a better soundcard.
> For audio quality perhaps, but down to buffers of 512x2 the SB-Live should be 
> solid.

 Lives resample *everything* {even 41.4} to 41.4. Dvds are 48 {DVD music lets
you use ungodly high sampling rates, DVDs don't cost that much more, are
perfect for surround and I've seen some components lately {audiomidi.com I
think} that are optimized for higher sampling rates  ...there's beginning to be
a real point to it.} . I don't know if you're familiar with the mess that
resampling can make of your synch or not... it can make for a real mess.

Besides... 24/96 just sounds so much better... and the cost of
something like an audiofile or a terratec just isn't that much.
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