[linux-audio-user] A machine for live gigging?

Julien Pierre madbrain at rawbw.com
Wed Feb 18 04:00:42 EST 2004


Steve Harris wrote:

>If the obove are not an issue to you, then SMP is great. I'm upset that
>theres nothing to replace the PIII that had SMP as standard and led to
>cheap, reliable, desktop SMP motherboards.
There are Athlon SMP solutions that are not very expensive. Not the 
latest technology for sure, but they work. Dual Athlon MP motherboards 
can be had for about $250, and an Athlon MP 2800+ chip can be had for 
$170. They will take standard DDR, but ECC is preferred. I am using an 
Asus A7M266-D myself, with a pair of Athlon MP 1500+, built just over 2 
years ago. I would say it's an excellent motherboard for Linux, not good 
for windows at all though. My Athlon MP system actually can't record 
audio properly in Windows with any soundcard (tried the built-in AC97, 
SB Live, Delta 66). It just gets about 30 clicks and pops per second in 
all recordings under Win2K. I think it's a problem with the Win2K SMP 
kernel. Never got a chance to install the uni Win2K kernel - the install 
doesn't give me a choice since it detects SMP support in the BIOS. I am 
however able to do clean recordings in OS/2 and Linux (both with SMP 
kernels), using the SB Live, but still the ADC isn't the greatest and 
it's only 16 bits 48 kHz max. I sold my Delta 66 recently to help pay 
for my dedicated Roland DAW (VS-2400CD), which I find more powerful than 
software available for OS/2 and Linux currently. I'm still toying with 
the idea of using Linux for things the Roland won't do, like MIDI, but 
again there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of applications, so I might 
go for a hardware sequencer instead also. I'll go through any reasonable 
expense to meet my needs and not have to run Windows code ...

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