[linux-audio-user] A machine for live gigging?

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Wed Feb 18 14:51:02 EST 2004


Julien Pierre wrote:
> Steve,
> Steve Harris wrote:
>> If the obove are not an issue to you, then SMP is great. I'm upset that
>> theres nothing to replace the PIII that had SMP as standard and led to
>> cheap, reliable, desktop SMP motherboards.
> There are Athlon SMP solutions that are not very expensive. Not the 
> latest technology for sure, but they work. Dual Athlon MP motherboards 
> can be had for about $250, and an Athlon MP 2800+ chip can be had for 
> $170. They will take standard DDR, but ECC is preferred. I am using an 
> Asus A7M266-D myself, with a pair of Athlon MP 1500+, built just over 2 
> years ago. I would say it's an excellent motherboard for Linux, not good 
> for windows at all though. My Athlon MP system actually can't record 
> audio properly in Windows with any soundcard (tried the built-in AC97, 
> SB Live, Delta 66). It just gets about 30 clicks and pops per second in 
> all recordings under Win2K. I think it's a problem with the Win2K SMP 
> kernel. Never got a chance to install the uni Win2K kernel - the install 
> doesn't give me a choice since it detects SMP support in the BIOS.

in case you want to track this one down, there is a boot.ini option 
that accomplishes this:
or alternatively

for more details about the dark side of kernel parameters, see

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