[linux-audio-user] suggested Window Manager good for audio?

Kent, Gary gkent at mhc.edu
Wed Feb 18 17:46:04 EST 2004

Many thanks for all of these suggestions, and yes, Robin, if you would
be willing to share any config contributions I would be appreciative for
it. It's been awhile since I used WM's but maybe now's the time.  App's
seem to work ok on it ok, and if I could configure a menu to get at them
quickly, then I would think I had found a solution.  
	Not to be a bandwidth hog here, but any comments on whether how
much cpu savings a person is going to see that can be given to audio? 
	No email at night so might have to comment back on any offerings
tomorrow. But thanks to all for sharing this info with me.

Thanks again,

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