[linux-audio-user] suggested Window Manager good for audio?

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Wed Feb 18 18:37:03 EST 2004

Kent, Gary wrote:
> Hi:	
> 	Hope this isn't off topic for this list.  Would someone be
> willing to suggest a Window Manager that would work well with a Linux
> audio box using the Planet CCRMA images?  I have used the Gnome and KDE
> environments and just have come to feel that they are too bloated for
> what I'm trying to do.  
> 	Does using a Window Manager instead of a full-blown desktop such
> as Gnome mean that I can have more audio processing power since I am
> giving up graphics overhead?  
> 	I am trying out fvwm and it is pretty sparse, but was wondering
> what others might suggest as best for audio?

   make sure you don't use enlightenment with root window animations 
enabled. other then that you will not see much difference in CPU usage. 
as far as the memory goes - you need enough memory (for audio processing 
and other programs) that pretty much all WMs have memory footprints too 
small to care...

   I like fvwm (very configurable, can be made fairly slim). 
responsiveness tip for fvwm - don't use outline move/resize, use opaque 
(full window moves, resizes), the outline move/resize grabs X server and 
can cause other X programs to freeze (for the time you move/resize 
windows), this might be an issue for some audio programs (that would 
wait for X before doing whatever audio processing they are doing).


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