[linux-audio-user] suggested Window Manager good for audio?

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Wed Feb 18 18:41:02 EST 2004

Kent, Gary wrote:

> 	Not to be a bandwidth hog here, but any comments on whether how
> much cpu savings a person is going to see that can be given to audio? 

I doubt actually that you'll notice the difference in 'top' between KDE 
on the high end and fluxbox or other more spartan environments on the 
bottom end. You would likely see a decrease in memory usage under fvwnm 
and certainly fluxbox vs. KDE, but static CPU usage will be pretty good 
in both cases.

I think it's far more likely that the spartan environments like fluxbox, 
which are running far fewer processes, will create fewer glitches in 
your system timing. It's hard to cut and paste a ps aux and have it be 
readable in an email, but with X up and running I only have roughly 20 
processes running under fluxbox. I don't run KDE anymore, but when I did 
it was more like 40, and my experience was that those processes would 
come alive at strange times and upset my system's throughput just a bit.

I was looking at fvwm a bit this afternoon and think it looks qute 
interesting also. I may try it out, although I'm not all that interested 
in learning a new environment right now.


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