[linux-audio-user] Emagic Logic Audio on Linux

Chris Pickett chris.pickett at mail.mcgill.ca
Thu Feb 19 11:45:46 EST 2004

RTaylor wrote:
> http://www.gnu-darwin.org/
> ...Maybe. I have no clue... just suggesting what may be a more appropriate
> system. {Runs on power pc and intel} It would give you most of the linux stuff
> anyway.

I would be surprised if Logic didn't use Apple's proprietary display 
stuff like Carbon and Cocoa (and even for audio?  Isn't CoreAudio 
proprietary?), which is not available for Linux or even x86.  In other 
words I think the answer is "no chance in hell".

However, there's lot's of audio stuff available for Linux, offering lots 
of control and flexibility.  See http://linux-sound.org/

Maybe someone here can recommend a Live CD that contains some up-to-date 
audio apps, or would work with AGNULA or something ...


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