[linux-audio-user] Re: Some music made with Linux

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Thu Feb 19 17:27:32 EST 2004

Comments (I haven't listened to it yet) indicate why, alak and alas, I still 
use Windows for music production.

1. DX and VST effects. VST has coming, now to linux. I am more in the DX arena 
with Cakewalk software, however. The DX effects I do use have VST equivalents 
or twins so I have no objection to going over to VST under Linux. It is, I 
understand, a much easier interface to program. ...but...

2. MIDI post-processing. I use Ntonyx software to process finished MIDI 
sequences. This inserts controllers for more realistic playing style and the 
results can be very good. Nothing of this ilk on Linux and not likely to 
be--we are very accostumed to OpenSource and Gnu. These folks want to sell 
licenses. The cost of this software is very reasonable for professional use. 
The cost and development and supporting a Linux port is nothing to 
snicker-at--Windows is a larger market still and one where folks fork up the 
dough. (I have been employed in this business and understand the issue too 

3. MIDI arranging tools. I use Jammer but Ntonyx's Onyx is an up-and-comer and 
Band in a Box is an old mainstay. Again, these folks want to sell licenses 
and ...

I can send mp3's on request (with usual copyright understanding) to illustrate 
my point.

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