[linux-audio-user] suggested Window Manager good for audio?

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Thu Feb 19 13:22:46 EST 2004

>   mc (in xterm) kicks ass (by default tab changes panels/widgets, esc 
> tab does autocompletion in all dialogs where the files/directories are 
> used)

mc (MidnightCommander) will play an audio file by just pressing ENTER on 
the file. You can have *any* type of file can do *anything* you want it 
to do just by pressing ENTER on the file in mc. I even have played 
multiple audio tracks by pressing ENTER on a ".ecs" file (ecasound text 
file that will play all the tracks, effects, volumes and panning listed 
in the file).

To use this feature... First... at the command line, type... "mc -f" (no 
quotes of course) to find where mc keeps it's files (to edit the file 
extension manager *globally* that is...). For a local user, mc's files 
are in ~/.mc.

My global file is called "mc.ext". Here is a simple example that will 
load a file into xmms and play it (by pressing ENTER on a .WAV file in 
mc) (by the way... make sure you quit mc and restart it every time you 
edit "mc.ext")...

     Open=xmms %f

Just in case the extension is uppercase...

     Open=xmms %f

Here's the example of playing multiple tracks with effects, panning, 
volumes set... with ecasound reading the ".ecs" file that you pressed 
ENTER on...

     Open=ecasound -c -s %f

The beauty of the last command is that ecasound is a "command line" 
program. You don't have to leave your shell. And the (perticular) 
command that I demonstrate here has ecasound in "interactive mode" (-c). 
So you can press ENTER on the .ecs file, then type "t" in the (ecasound) 
command line to start playing the tracks... type "fw 3" to fastforward 3 
seconds... type "setpos 54" to start playing at 54 seconds into your 
tracks...  and things like that. With mc and ecasound, I've ran a 
command line only multitrack set-up for over 2 years not. And I havn't 
even mentioned mc's built in text editor (or it's text viewer for that 


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