[linux-audio-user] Some music made with Linux

Pete Bessman ninjadroid at ml1.net
Fri Feb 20 10:39:27 EST 2004

At Thu, 19 Feb 2004 22:58:35 -0600,
RTaylor wrote:
>  My real problem would be with the squeaky bits that you've got
> going along with the massive guitar thrummy stuff. They just don't
> seem to be part of the same song. I like the massive guitar thrummy
> stuff... the other sounds throw me off. Maybe if you were to morph
> between the two somehow or toss in a transitional sound?

That's a good premise on which to do a remix, but it would actually be
a bit too drastic of a change to make and still consider the song to
be the same.  The dynamics of this song are intentionally raw and

As always, if you want to hack it up, have at it!  And I can guarantee
you that I'll release something that is almost exclusively massive
guitar, since I'm a guitarist first and foremost.


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